The Phoenix Poject

A DevOps Business Simulation
by GamingWorks

About DevOps

What's happening?

We all know the typical IT behaviours and complaints about developers throwing seemingly untested solutions over the wall into production and leaving Operations to pick up the pieces. On the other hand we hear Development complaining about the barriers put up by Operations that delay development, or workload demands placed on developers from IT Operations, such as small updates, fixing issues and applications not working.

The increasing penetration of IT into all areas of the business and the desire for ever more and ever faster costumer facing solutions is compounding the challenge even more. As a result, the workload for Development and IT Operations is growing,workflows are stuck and IT projects are failing, business executives are angry and frustrated, seeing lost opportunities and risks to business operations.

Gene Kim, Kevin Behr and George Spafford wrote an excellent novel "The Phoenix Project" about an organisation facing these challenges and showed how to apply DevOps principles to achieve significant improvements and business value.

This simulation is built around this ground breaking book and lets you experience the dynamics of the book.