Apollo 13

An ITSM case experience™
by GamingWorks

Do you recognise these challenges?

  • We are operating in SILOS
  • Not getting HOPED for VALUE
  • Struggling to translate theory into practice

About ITSM

With the growing importance of IT to all organisations ITSM is becoming a strategic capability.
Many organisations have invested heavily in best practice frameworks such as ITIL®, yet are not achieving the hoped for value, creating a risk to their businesses.
Despite the investments in certification we still struggle to translate the theory into practice.

Why is this?

A great deal of ITSM training is focused on 'Training to pass the exam', and not on 'how to practically apply the theory' in day-to-day work.

Adopting best practices represents an 'organisational change'. There is often too little attention tothe 'ABC' (Attitude, Behaviour,Culture), the need to 'create buy-in', 'overcome resistance' and 'empower people to change'.

Many organisations see ITSM improvements as 'implementation projects' and fail to embed CSI (Continual Service Improvement) as a core capability within the culture of the organisation.

Still too many IT organisations are internally focused, failing to adequately focus on the Customer and the Business Value that the best practices must deliver.

This business simulation helps address these reasons we struggle to practically adopt and apply ITSM best practices.