It's All About Consultancy

Bespoke Training

Training your teams is crucial to the ongoing success of your organisation. QRB consultants train the accredited training courses listed here as core service. These courses offer a certification after the successful passing of an exam. As such they have to follow a set course syllabus and any training organisation that offers the examination as part of the course has to follow this syllabus.

QRB offers a more bespoke training solution around these courses if delegates do not require the official accreditation. These courses are based around the Best Practice approaches but will be tailored for each organisation.

Facilitated Workshops

One of the ways of communicating an organisational message or solve problems as a team is to do this as a group in a workshop. One of the major issues though is that sometimes the person hosting the workshop has a vested interest in its outcome. No matter how impartial we try to be it takes a strong will from this person not to get involved and steer the outcome in their favour.

Here are just some of the workshops QRB can arrange:

  • Planning Poker
    A technique used by Agile projects for estimating work. Planning poker can be very accurate when teams need to estimate activity for a plan of work. A derivation of the Delphi method of estimating it can be a complex technique to grasp. At QRB we run workshops against real work that needs to be completed by your team so the results have real benefits to your organisation.

  • Product Based Planning
    One of the techniques from Best Practice approaches to project management concentrates on planning by identifying the products first. Product Based Planning shows how this product identification can be done. QRB’s experienced project managers can transfer this knowledge into your team so they can use this very useful technique to produce better plans.

  • Planning
    Plans that are created by teams rather than individuals have shown better success when it comes to getting buy-in and commitment for the plan. Team members that take part in the planning process demonstrate a much better understanding and ownership of the work that needs to happen for the plan to be successful. By using a variety of planning techniques QRB can take your teams through the planning process to create better plans that are strongly communicated and more likely to be successful.

QRB offers independent workshop facilitators that help in these situations. We offer a fully tailored solution for workshops of all kinds. What are your requirements? We are happy to put together an appropriate workshop.

Project Management

All organisations will need to manage change and when these changes require implementing then projects will have to be set up and executed. However to employ a dedicated project manager can be expensive particularly for small and medium-sized organisations. QRB offer project managers to work either on projects to manage directly or mentor someone in your organisation to be the project manager. This can be fully tailored to your requirements so please contact us for more details.