Walking in the Welsh hills ...

Warning - Walking in the Welsh hills

... can seriously damage your majority


Two years ago in 2015 it all looked to be going swimmingly in the political arena, especially if you were a member of the Conservative party. Having put in five years of coalition government with the Liberal Democrats they managed to almost wipe that party off the political map and instead of ending up in another coalition they had a majority government.

Working with friends

Makes me wannacry

Makes me wannacry

Just a couple of weeks ago I boarded a plane from Birmingham airport heading to Shannon in the Republic of Ireland. It was the start of two weeks work for a client that had booked some time ago. As the weeks were back to back I had decided to stay in Ireland for the mid weekend as well so as not to keep flying back and forth so I was prepared for a longer stay than usual.

Working with friends

Working with friends

Would you work for Donald Trump?

Personally speaking that’s a no. In fact it’s so much of a no, it’s a NO!!

This week has seen the sacking of FBI Director (or should that be ex-FBI Director?) James Comey by President Trump. In fact as I’m writing this blog there appears to be more news breaking almost by the minute so apologies for any discrepancies in information that might appear after I’ve published.

Network without networking

Network without Networking

I love it when people get an “Aha” moment from knowledge I pass on. It’s even better when it results in a new colleague to join me to pass it on to yet more people.

This week’s blog I am handing over to Russell Parker, Consultant Coach in Asentiv to share his epiphany on “going networking”.