Was Feeling Pleased Until.......

There was I feeling as pleased as a very pleased thing in a very pleased place.

My business has survived one whole year!

This week marks my first anniversary as a business owner and I can tell you I was feeling pretty…well…pleased. To put it mildly!

The decision to go out on...

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Networking mythbuster 2 - Good customer service generates referrals

Accidental Service…..New Balls Please!

What a weekend of summer sport we have just experienced. At times I had no idea which TV channel to watch!

Test match cricket from Trent Bridge, British Formula 1 Grand Prix from Silverstone and finals weekend at Wimbledon. Even my local...

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Networking mythbuster 1 - Networking is a fad

What have the Romans ever done for us?

Stories are the lifeblood of our civilizations, tales that have been told for millennia that before the printing press was invented was the major way we would get to know about our history.

They are also a great way of illustrating a point of...

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Warning – Walking in the Welsh hills can seriously damage your majority

Two years ago in 2015 it all looked to be going swimmingly in the political arena, especially if you were a member of the Conservative party. Having put in five years of coalition government with the Liberal Democrats they managed to almost wipe that party off the political map and...

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Makes me Wannacry

Just a couple of weeks ago I boarded a plane from Birmingham airport heading to Shannon in the Republic of Ireland. It was the start of two weeks work for a client that had booked some time ago. As the weeks were back to back I had decided to stay in Ireland for the mid weekend as...

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Communicate and network with ease

Making a first impression is incredibly important when we meet someone.  Especially when we are looking at building a referral relationship.  One of the Asentiv workshops looks specifically at how we spot people in a room we would like to work with and equips you with the skills to...

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+++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS +++ NEWS

+++ We are proud to announce that QRBMC Ltd has just been approved as an Accredited Training Organization for PRINCE2 with PeopleCert. +++

For more information please mail to: